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Key Trip Themes

We provide experiential learning that is meaningful, relevant and engaging. Our Key Trip Themes help you to build a programme with the learning objectives you want.


You can choose the themes that match your desired learning objectives, and our team will build an itinerary packed with relevant and age-appropriate activities.


We’ve designed a number of our Key Trip Themes to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our programmes educate students in the most effective way, through exposure to real world experiences that make the SDGs relevant and personally relatable.


Team Building


Personal Challenge

Conservation & Services

Culture & Creativity

Family & Industry



Marine Life

Citizen Science

New Skill

After Dark


Scuba2Go Experiential Learning & Adventure Camps

Our school camps give your students unforgettable moments and meaningful experiences in inspirational outdoor environments. Our professional team specialises in delivering safe, hands-on learning where curiosity and inquiry is at the centre of the learning journey.


Student are faced with a meaningful challenge or problem, framed in a way that is relevant to them.


Our innovative actives lead students through progressive learning that helps them to overcome the challenge or problem. They are given the freedom to explore, make mistakes and evaluate risks.


Students evaluate what they have learnt, consolidate their knowledge and explore new perspectives through discussion.

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