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At Scuba2Go, we strive to become a central hub for action, education and hope for the oceans. We want to humanify the future through The S2G Way.

“Humanify / Humanifying” : The action or an act of making someone or something seem gentler, kinder, or more appealing to people.

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The Strongest tool is education

The strongest tool in this whole gentle approach is education – we are writing educational materials with academics all around the planet. We teach school children during our Orca camps about how to become more conscious of their environment, whether that means saying no to a plastic straw or choosing to have regular meat-free days. We hope that the children take this information back to their families and friends and spread the word that change is possible and that it starts with just one action!


In addition to schools, we are taking The S2G Way to corporate businesses. Through our pillars of caring for the Oceans, Planet and Ourselves, Scuba2Go Founder, Melissa Ziegler and Ismet Amir will be presenting directly to individuals and departments on how their business can become more sustainable and a more positive contributor to our world.

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Meet our extraordinary team of ocean lovers, dive enthusiasts, planet protectors, teachers, changemakers and generally incredible people who we are proud to call members of our Scuba2Go.

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